The Finest Restored Pianos in the USA Market

 Tomasz Walski (Owner)

Perfect Piano Global Services LLC was established by a professional pianist.

The goal of this enterprise is to bring the finest possible piano restorations to the US market. 

Love for pianos and understanding of musical nuances is the main driving force behind our company. 

Our philosophy is that there is no restoration shop that can do every aspect of piano restoration at the highest level.

Therefore we entrust each process of the piano restoration to the best professionals in the field. 

Along with our restored Steinways, we also keep in stock on average 30 to 40 unrestored Steinway's that can be chosen by a client and custom restored to their wish and expectations. 

Surplus of our unrestored Steinway we wholesale to other restorers in need of pianos worldwide.

We ship entire containers to any place in the world. 


Model D 1973 Restored as New ($69,000)

One of a Kind Art Case Model A2 ($59,000)

Bechstein A Model with QSR Player System  ($9,900)

Kawai - Model KG-2E ($6900)

Steinway Model M 1971 New Pinblock & Strings ($14,900)

Steinway L 1974 Original Great Shape


Steinway M Louis XV 1968 (Great Condition)


Steinway Made in Hamburg Model B - 1961


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